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If sales is a game, we need a place to practice

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Try a session on us!

Thursdays 12-1:30 PM Central

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click the unicorn

click the unicorn

We focus on providing a place for you to actually practice your sales calls. 




Are you finding it difficult to close sales calls

Feels like you keep missing something and failing to have productive sales calls?

Want closing sales calls to be easy and fun?

Begin Your Adventure!

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Practice as the seller

You get to practice selling directly from the driver's seat. You will be playing yourself or a potential alternate role that gets you out of your head to practice specific skills that you have difficulty applying to your own product or service. A well executed seller role allows you to be more flexible when it comes to sales calls and remove the fear of having to do it "for real."

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Play another role! 

As the buyer or the observer, you get to see how various parts  of sales conversations come across on the other side of the table. You also get to see how others might handle objections that you give them or ask questions in an impactful way. Both roles allow you to look at sales from a new perspective improving your skills even further.

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Where the fun starts

This is NOT a space for rigid sales conversations. We are all human and scenarios will vary from actual pitching of your business to magic interactions with dragons or selling candy to kids. The goal is to practice multiple aspects on selling without putting barriers on yourself and thinking there is "only one way to sell". Selling should be fun, because buying is fun. 

Thursdays 12-1:30 PM Central

Hear from previous Younicorns! 



"The session was awesome! It was so much fun, kept you thinking, and tapped into the creative side of things. The breakouts were fantastic and so much fun.


"It was fantastic and was so different than most networking breakouts. So much fun with practical experience that can be added to real life scenarios. I would recommend it."

Coach Shane

"When it comes down to it, practice is exactly what we need to up our sales game. Stefan has created the perfect environment to do just that. I was able to really get creative with my sales angles and I was actually really happy about that.  "


"The sales roleplay provided a safe space for me to practice my pitch and get feedback on what I did well and what I could improve... playing a few different roles (both as the sales person and the buyer) gave me a neat perspective on how I can pitch and approach my business marketing differently.



"I was looking for more FUN in my work life, and then I discovered the opportunity for Sales Roleplay that is exactly that!  It's something I look forward to, and am excited to be a part of...great people, learning opportunities, and it really is fun!"


" I feel more confident selling now that I know I can apply my process to multiple scenarios."

Begin Your Adventure!

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