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  • Doctor of Physical Therapy from Arcadia University

  • Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from University of Maryland

  • Over 3 years of clinical experience in variety of settings

  • Previous CrossFit and personal trainer

Stefan Zavalin

Dr. Zavalin provides an approach to improve the well-being of individuals without increasing the demands on them with extra long-term tasks, stress, and responsibilities. The best solution to a physical or mental stress inducing environment is the one that works, and we must understand that this cannot be the same for everyone. 


Over the years, it has become obvious that majority of patients seen in the clinic suffer from chronic factors due to reduced movement, improper stress management, and limited exposure to natural environments. This leads to pain, immunosuppression, and reduced happiness. 


Instead of reacting to such produced impairments, it is far more beneficial to act in a preventative manner. This reduces not only costs for healthcare and employers, but improves productivity, creativity, and general satisfaction. Ergonomics and knowledge of proper actions alone cannot fix the problem due to poor integration by individuals without proper guidance and adjustment to their unique situations. Dr. Zavalin provides instruction and insight into the environment of our workspaces to reduce sedentary behavior and get people healthier. 

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