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  • An actual honest to God unicorn. 

  • Creative Communicator

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy from Arcadia University

  • Author of a virtual immersive performance and educational experience titled "Scared Sitless" 

Stefan Zavalin

Dr. Stefan Zavalin is The Professional Unicorn. After losing his vision in graduate school, Stefan not only finished his degree, but went on to work in the clinic, start a business, write a book, and give a TEDx Talk. He went further into creating a digital interactive show for desk workers that was revolutionary for the virtual meeting era.


In all of these ventures, Stefan presented creative approaches and unique communication styles to his audience. From role playing in his TEDx Talk to choose your own adventure social media series, Dr. Zavalin has excelled at unique and creative communication that helped him stand out in business.


He now finds creative communication strategies for businesses and entrepreneurs to help deliver their message to their audience in a unique and authentic way that eliminates any chance for competition. 

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