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Are you ready to tap into the wellspring of your creative magic?
Join us for an extraordinary 3-day quest where not only will you uncover the secrets of the media realm but also conjure captivating content that resonates with your audience.

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Generate 3 Unique Video Posts Each Day!

3 Day Content Challenge
Sep. 6-8 @ 9 AM Pacific

Join the Challenge!

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What happens each day!  

Join us for 30 minutes each day with a 15 minute presentation on getting you over the fear and limitations you think stop your from making content and get you amazingly unique ideas for videos featuring your magical self (yeah, you're magical, deal with it). If you don't make it, you miss the magic, unless you decide to get a Value of Infinite Potential badge (aka the VIP ticket), which will mean you get recording straight to your email! 

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Join the Challenge!

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