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About Us

Stefan provides virtual consulting for work environment design and physical wellness in the workplace through presentations and individual sessions.  With research based consults from a Doctor of Physical Therapy we analyze and provide opportunities to improve mental, physical, and emotional wellness and quality of work life. 

New Book

A story, a self-help book, and a workbook all in one. Are you ready to evolve? 

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Our Goal

Create work culture where the healthy options are the easier options.


why should we do this?

Adapting our current workplace into one with increased movement, reduced stress, and improved wellness results in increased productivity, reduced burnout, and improved work-life balance.


where we move

Our work environment forces specific motions and behaviors and benefits from ergonomics and forward thinking planning such as biophilic design.


how we move

Each person has unique biomechanics and stresses changing how we are able to navigate our work environment physically, mentally, and socially.


why we move

Motivation is unique and difficult to cultivate without individualized interactions. A cookie-cutter approach cannot be utilized for peak effectiveness.



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"The science behind why sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to my health was eye-opening, but it was Stefan’s application of my desk set-up and habit-forming exercises/stretches that really improved my posture."

Anna Elizabeth Kim

'The information is well communicated, easily understood, factual, but more importantly easy to implement. Great results are almost guaranteed."

Igor Fayermark


"The program was deeply informative and provided strong actionable ideas to improve my well-being."

Terry Lancaster

"Before this experience, I had no idea how detrimental sitting all day was to my health. I didn't experience any immediate back or neck pain, so I figured my lifestyle was well-balanced. After meeting with Stefan, I understand how important it is to move so much more. I look at my desk setup much differently, and I am constantly aware of how I can maximize my little breaks throughout the day."

Madison A.

Disclaimer: Consultation provided is not considered healthcare treatment or billed as physical therapy treatments. You should consult your physician for specific medical conditions. The company and its consultants are not liable for any damages or health issues arising in contract or otherwise from the use of or inability to use this site or our services, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using our site or services. 

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