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Become an undeniable sorcerer of social media by joining a circle of spirited entrepreneurs driven to dispel the shadows of inconsistency and embark on a quest to unveil and magnify their unique brilliance in the vast digital realm.

Magical Media Masters: Illuminate Your Social Stardust!

The cursed cost of this contract

There is a magical catch to this group! Upon joining this questing party, you will sign a binding contract for 1 year to commit to your dreams becoming a reality. Each month you will be taxed $300, BUT you have the chance to overcome the tax on all but the first month. If you are able to meet the goals for each month, you will not be charged the following month. This means you could receive $3,600 of value for $300, if you prove yourself worthy. 

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Join the Questing Party!

Next adventure starts December 4th! 

Upon registering for the first month, you will receive the contract, list of goals, and meeting information. For questions, set a time to talk with

The Professional Unicorn

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